Chặt Heo - "2019's Hottest Strategy Card Game"

We’re taking a timeless traditional Vietnamese card game “Tiến lên”, and adding in fun modern functions along with new creative features, to create something truly entertaining for card game lovers of all ages.

*If you’re not familiar with the traditional Vietnamese card game  “Tiến Lên”, you can learn the rules here.

What's New, Modern, and Creative?

Like most card games, luck plays a role in the outcome of the game but skill is also very important when it comes to winning and losing. With Chặt Heo, we’ve set out to put the spotlight on the competitive side of this card game. In order to enhance the skill aspect, we’ve developed the following features and functions.

Ranked Play

Ranked play is a common feature that is found in competitive games such as Starcraft and Dota 2 but never in a card game like this, at least until now. With this new feature, players will be able to compete and see how they compare against each other skill-wise. Big talk is common but this mode will allow players to put their money where their mouth is. The rating system is a combination of the traditional Elo system and the experience and knowledge that we acquired through hundreds of hours of playing time.

The top players at the end of each competitive season will be rewarded with unique and desirable rewards such as custom avatars, frames, emoji sets, in-game effects, and more.

Only the very best will be able to call themselves a Grandmaster.


Tournament play is the most unique feature of “Chặt Heo.” There is no other Tiến Lên card game out in any market that offers this feature and I’m scratching my head wondering why – since it works so well!

Coming from a tournament poker background – it made so much sense for me to design and incorporate this feature into our game.

Our tournament system allows users to play during their spare time without having to sit and play long sessions, which is usually required for traditional card game tournaments.

There are a few different factors that go into the calculation of the tournament points that is used. These factors are skill, luck, and time played. We believe that a balanced tournament system should always reward the best and most consistent players. Of course lucky players will have a chance to win tournaments as well – just like any card game, but we made sure to properly balance the luck aspect of this game.

Users can compete in daily and special event tournaments for a chance to be crowned Champion.

The Hunter’s Guild (Storyline & Daily Quests)

“The Hunter’s Guild,” is the backstory to our game. It’s the story of a village where every kid wants to grow up and become a Legendary Hunter. They hunt for pigs (2’s) and collect pigskins (unique in-game currency) in order to turn into the guild. Doing so will prove their dedication and worth.

Users earn pigskins every time they successfully chop or lock a pig (2). Pigskins are also rewarded for completing the daily quests. As users increase their THG rank, additional quests will be unlocked. This feature gives users another way to progress in the game. Users start out in “The Academy” as new young hunters. Once they acquire and turn in enough pigskins to move up to rank 5, they’ll be able to join “The Elite School.” Each rank requires more and more pigskins in order to advance but the rewards are well worth it! Eventually, users will be able to join “The Legendary Hunter’s Guild.”

As users progress through “The Hunter’s Guild” and earn higher ranks, they will earn more benefits such as increased gold for their daily refresh along with being able to earn more pigskins per quest completed.

This game feature allows the user to progress individually on their own pace.

Character Development

One of the things that can help transform a game into an international sensation is the development of the game’s characters. If the characters of the game are cute, likable, and easy for the users to relate to – this effect can transition into other aspects like merchandise (stuffed animals, shirts) along with digital assets such as messenger emojis and stickers.

We’ve taken all of this into consideration when designing the characters for our game. Currently, we have a handful of characters that can appeal to different types of players. Each characters has their own animated emoji set that users can buy / unlock to use in-game at the tables. The characters and their emotes have been a huge fan favorite during the open beta.

With Chặt Heo, we’re not just setting out to create the most fun and competitive mobile card game on the market, but we’re also building the foundation for other potential opportunities if the game proves to be successful.

Here are some promotional pieces that will be used to introduce the characters.

How Do We Monetize This Game?

There are a few different ways to monetize a mobile game. We have incorporated both in-app purchases and rewarded video ads into our game. There are users who like to spend money to buy exclusive items and progress faster. And there are the majority of users who prefer to play for free. This combination of in-app purchases and video ads will allow us to monetize both types of players.

Gold is the main currency and is required to play the game. Users receive small amounts of gold coins each day through the daily gold refresh. They can also complete daily quests through “The Hunter’s Guild” to earn more coins. Video ads also reward users with gold coins but the number of ads that a user can watch per day is limited.

If the user runs out of gold coins, they can either wait until tomorrow to play or purchase some gems through our shop in order to exchange for coins and keep playing.

In-App Purchases

We offer in-app purchases to enhance the user’s gaming experience. Our shop sells gems and gold coins, along with other in-game items.


Unique and Special Items

Users can also use gems to purchase special items such as emoji sets, avatar pictures, and more. This is targeted at enhancing the user’s in-game experience. Special emotes will give users the power to express themselves during gameplay, because sometimes you just have to let someone know how you feel about them.


Season Battle Pass (In Development)

We’re currently designing the 1st battle pass season. Similar to battle passes from other games such as Fortnite, there will be a free-to-play tier and a premium tier. Our battle pass is initially set to be priced around 350 gems, which would cost users around $1.99 to buy. Once implemented, this will be our main revenue stream.

The premium battle pass is exclusive and will be very rewarding for the users who purchase it. It’ll be a necessary purchase for players who want to get the most out of the game. The rewards will change every season and there’ll always be bigger and better rewards, so that users will keep opting in to buy the premium battle pass. Initial rewards will be special animated frames, avatars, special in-game effects, custom table settings and card decks, and more!

Gameplay Preview

Target Markets & Research

Initial Market – Vietnam

We will be releasing the game for the Vietnamese market on Friday, January 18th. Vietnam makes the most sense as our initial market since the original game is very popular here (Tiến Lên). The basic gameplay mechanics for our game is already well known by the majority of the users here so we won’t have to spend a lot of time and resources with the on-boarding and teaching process. We have a tutorial for new players and we have the detailed rules available in the game for users who need a refresher course on how to play and what rules we are using (there are many different styles of play).

Marketing Plan

We have a detailed marketing plan that consists of: a Facebook ad campaign, a game review video from Cris Devil (youtube influencer), and livestreams with other gaming social media influencers in the Vietnamese market.

Next Market: The U.S.

We are currently also in the process of localizing our game for the US market. This launch is scheduled for after the Vietnamese launch because we will have to spend extra time designing an interactive tutorial for new players.

Card games are quite popular in the US market. Users here tend to favor strategic card games that require skill. Think of traditional card games like Poker, Spade and Gin Rummy. Chặt Heo has the potential to be the next breakthrough strategic card game in this market. Our game takes rules that are easily understood from existing traditional card games and use them in similar ways such as: pairs beating pairs, which suit can beat which suit, and so on.

Initial Release Marketing Plan:

We will target Asian Americans who are familiar with Tiến Lên. With proper marketing and a seamless social sharing and referral function, we hope for this game to catch on and spread through word of mouth. This is common amongst the most successful games.

Thank You For Your Time

If you’re reading this it means that you’ve made it all the way through the presentation. Thank you for your time and consideration. There is a lot more information that I can share about this project, and I would love the opportunity to talk to you more about it if you’re interested in the possibility of investing in our company.

Pitaya Games is currently looking for additional investment capital to use towards a large marketing campaign for the release of this game in the Vietnamese market. A great game won’t be successful if no one knows about it. In order to get the ball rolling and get fast results, we need a big marketing campaign to target the first 2-3 weeks of our launch.

If you’re interested, please contact me so that we can schedule a meeting!


Thank you,

Trung Tran

Try The Beta Version!

We are currently running an open beta test to get feedback and test for bugs.

For iOS users, you may join the TestFlight program here:

Android users may download the beta version directly from the Google Play Store:

Note: the beta version is currently in Vietnamese only and is not our latest version.