Tournament Play - Your Shot At Glory!

'Tournament Play' - Your Shot At Glory!

A unique and exciting new way to experience the game of Tien Len / Thirteen!

A unique and exciting new way to experience the game of Tien Len / Thirteen!

Updated: April 24th, 2019

Our tournament structure is the first of its kind for the game of Tien Len / Thirteen. This game mode is a place for players to showcase their skills and compete for a chance to win awesome in-game rewards! There are serious bragging rights that come with winning one of these.

Tournament rules and information.


1) Tournament Entry Fee:

The starting entry fee is: 2,500,000 gold coins. This amount is subject to change between tournaments. We will host bigger tournaments that require a much higher entry fee – so build up your war chest!


2) Max Number of Participants:

5,000 entries is the current maximum allowed per tournament. Once a tournament reaches the maximum capacity, registration for that tournament will be closed.


3) Rewards:
  • Starting prize pool: 250,000,000 gold coins.
  • Additional prize added to the pool per entry: 55% of the entry fee gold will be added to the starting prize pool, along with pigskin and gems!

As the number of entries increase, so do the rewards!


4) Tournament Schedule & Registration:
  • The schedule for each tournament will be announced prior to the registration opening time.
  • Registration for tournaments usually open 2 days before the starting time.
  • Each tournament will run for a total of 3 hours playing time (subject to change). For example, a tournament’s registration could be open a week prior to the start date and time. If the tournament starts on a Sunday at 11 am, it’ll run until 2 pm that day.
  • Late registration is open until 1 hour after the official tournament starting time. So for the same tournament mentioned above, players will be able to register and join up until 12pm (noon).
  • Users can unregister from any tournament prior to the official starting time to get 90% of the entry fee back. No refunds will be given after a tournament has started.


5) Tournament Rules:
  • The tournament is played using the ‘Classic’ game mode rules.
  • You will start with 60 tournament chips.
  • You need a minimum of 10 tournament chips to be able to play a hand, if you have less than 10 – you will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • If eliminated, you’ll have an opportunity to buy-back into the tournament which cost 10 gems for 30 tournament chips. You only have 1 buy-back chance per tournament.


6) Point System and Final Results:

Our point system is a combination of two important factors:

  • (1) The place you finish each hand in (first, second, third, last).
  • (2) The total amount of chips you have.


Each hand played (base points):

  • Users will earn base points for each hand that they play and don’t finish dead last. For example, on a full 4-player table = first, second, and third will earn points but last place will not. Of course first will earn more than second, and second will earn more than third. On a 3-player table: first and second will earn points but third (last) will not.


Your chip count:

  • Every 5 tournament chip is equivalent to 1 tournament point.


So if you win a hand, you’ll earn tournament chips and base points for winning – both will add to your point total. If you lose the next hand, the chips you lose will decrease your point total but the point(s) you earned for winning the previous hand is still there. If you see your point total go up and down, it’s because of your chip count. The base points you earn for each hand played is permanently added to your total for that tournament. If you buy-back, the base points are still there and you’ll continue to add to those points along with your chip total.


7) Final Results and Receiving Rewards:
  • After the tournament ends, it’ll take 15 minutes for our system to finalize all points and then send out rewards to the winners.
  • Users who are still in a hand when the tournament ends will be able to finish playing that hand before being removed from the tournament.
  • The top 12% of players will receive a reward, the higher you finish the better rewards you’ll receive!
  • All rewards will be sent to the winners’ in-game mailbox.


*Notice: Just like all other aspects of our game, we will not tolerate any forms of cheating/abuse/gaming our system. Any and all users who are found to be violating our rules and terms of service will be severely penalized. This is to ensure the most fair, competitive, and fun gaming experience for all users. Please review our terms of service if you haven’t already done so.