Ranked Play

Do you have what it takes to become a GrandMaster?

Updated: 03/09/2020

You may be the best player in your circle of friends but how well do you stack up against the best in the world? Find out by playing our ‘Ranked Play’ mode. Do you have what it takes to become a Grandmaster?.. everyone thinks they do but only a handful of players will be able to earn this prestigious title.

Basic Rules:
  • Players will need to play 1 ranked match in order to unlock their shield at the beginning of each season. You will begin to earn rank points only after your shield has been unlocked.
  • Players will need energy in order to play on ranked tables (more information about the energy system below).
  • Ranked Play uses the ‘Classic’ mode game rules.
  • All Ranked Play tables have a set wager amount of 250,000 gold. You’ll need at least that much to sit at a table.
  • Players who reach certain rank level requirements will be promoted to higher ranks. Likewise, players who drop below a certain number of rank points will be demoted to a lower rank.
  • Rank points will be reset at the beginning of each new season.


How to Earn Rank Points:
  • At the end of each hand played = the winner(s) will gain rank points and the loser(s) will lose rank points.
  • Chopping pigs will earn you additional rank points. Likewise, getting your pigs chopped will lose you additional rank points.
  • If your pig(s) gets locked, you will also lose additional rank points.


Energy System:
  • Each ranked hand requires a minimum of 2 energy to play. You will be removed from the table and/or be unable to find a new table if you have less than 2 energy.
  • All players will consume some energy after each hand, with the amount being consumed depending on the place that the player finishes in. If a player gets locked (someone finishes before the player plays a card), they will be penalized -6 energy.
  • Energy starts to regenerate automatically once below the maximum capacity, at a regen rate of = 1 energy/300 seconds.
  • Each player’s base energy pool is 100/100. The energy pool capacity can be increased by increasing your rank in The Hunter’s Guild, along with increasing your VIP level.
  • You can regain energy instantly with gems or by watching ads (limited to 5 ads/day) in the shop.


Season Length:
  • Each season will last for 28 days.
  • Additional information regarding the exact start and end date for each season will be announced on our Facebook fan-page and in-game through the announcement popup and mailbox.
Season Rewards:
  • During the season, Hunters will earn rewards each time they reach a new rank for the first time that season.
  • At the end of each season, qualified Hunters will receive additional and bigger rewards for their final rank.
  • Rewards are subject to change.


Rank Levels:
  • Rookie: the starting rank group with a base of 1,000 rank points.
  • Talented: requires at least 1,200 rank points.
  • Skilled: requires at least 1,400 rank points.
  • Pro: requires at least 1,640 rank points.
  • Elite: requires at least 1,920 rank points.
  • Master: requires at least 2,200 rank points.
  • GrandMaster: requires at least 2,480 rank points, and is only awarded to the top 5 players above 2,480.


*Notice: We will not tolerate any forms of cheating/abuse or any attempts to game our system. Any and all users who are found to be violating our rules and terms of service will be severely penalized. This is to ensure a fair, competitive, and fun gaming experience for all users. Please review our terms of service if you haven’t already done so.