FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: 25/08/2019

1) My cards aren’t good and I lose all the time. Are you sure the cards are being dealt out fairly? Why does it seem like the game is setting me up to lose?

This is the #1 user complaint about all card games. Our card shuffling system is 100% random. The cards are shuffled randomly 10 times before being dealt one by one to each user. The shuffling system doesn’t take any other variables into account. Our game solely depends on the luck of the cards and each player’s skill level.


2) Why do I keep getting kicked out of the server while in-game? This causes me to lose gold!

This happens when the user is reconnected after losing connection to our game server. The user is automatically reconnected, logged in, and taken back into the table to resume play. The automatic reconnection is to make sure that if a player loses connection, they’ll be able to reconnect and resume play as soon as there is a stable connection. The most common cause of this issue is an unstable internet connection.

If you’re unable to regain connection after a specific amount of time, your turn at the table will be skipped. Users who get disconnected are usually able to reconnect back and continue playing their hand. But of course, if a user is unable to reconnect back, then their turn will be skipped until the hand is finished – which usually results in the disconnected player losing that hand. To reduce the risk of loss due to a connection issue, please make sure you have a stable internet connection.


3) There are some players who behave badly, why aren’t you banning these users? They are ruining the playing environment for the other users.

We have a special team that reviews all user reports. Of course, we won’t be able to catch every misbehaving user at the exact time that an incident occurs but rest assure that the appropriate measures will be taken when we do. There is a block feature that can be used to mute other users. Once a user is blocked, you will not be able to see their chat, in-game emojis and player-2-player interactions (P2P). Remember to also report the user so that our review team can do their job.


4) How come I can’t find or download Pig Hunters from Google Play/App Store?

Our game requires at least OpenGL 3.0 and above in order to play. Devices that don’t meet this requirement will not be able to download our game. This is due to the graphics of our game which performs at its best with OpenGL 3.0 and higher. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.