Event - The Pig Hunt

Hunting season is open! Your pig chop and locking skills will be put to the test here.

Updated: 20/05/2019

The “Pig Hunt” is a monthly event that let Hunters compete and show off their pig hunting skills for a chance to claim awesome rewards! Rewards are awarded for the top 100 Hunters of each event.

Event schedule:

This event typically takes place the 2nd week of every month (subject to change), and lasts for 7 days from Monday to Sunday.

How to earn points:

Hunters will earn points each time they successfully chop or lock pigs/special combination cards while playing on ‘ranked play’ tables.

*Points for this event can only be earned on ‘ranked play’ tables.

The leaderboard, rewards list, and additional information are available in the game’s announcement popup under the “PIG HUNT” tab.


*Notice: Just like all other aspects of our game, we will not tolerate any forms of cheating/abuse/gaming our system. Any and all users who are found to be violating our rules and terms of service will be severely penalized. This is to ensure the most fair, competitive, and fun gaming experience for all users. Please review our terms of service if you haven’t already done so.