Pig Hunters - Thirteen ("Tien Len")

A fun, strategic, and competitive game for all card game lovers!

Features of Pig Hunters - Tien Len / Thirteen:“Classic” Mode:
The most competitive game mode, used in our “ranked play”

“Winner Takes All” Mode: the fastest way to win gold coins, but you can also lose everything just as fast

'Ranked Play': compete against the best players around the world for your shot at becoming a Grandmaster

The Hunter’s Guild: earn pigskins by completing daily quests to prove your worth. Maybe you will be lucky enough to join the elite few whose name will be forever ingrained in history as a Legendary Hunter

Unlock unique items to customize your character: frames, emoji sets, and animations to use in-game! Because sometimes one tomato isn’t enough to show them how you really feel..

Challenge your friends!

Classic Game ModeTrue skill requires patience, especially when lady luck isn’t on your side. Skilled players are able to make the best out of every hand. This “Classic” mode is the most competitive way to play Thirteen. Your skills will be put to the test here.
Winner Takes All Game ModeIf you're not 1st, you're last! Our “Winner Takes All” mode is the quickest way to turn rags into riches.. or just more rags! There are no consolation prizes here. Warning: this mode is not for the faint of heart.
Quests & AchievementsHow fast can you chop 100 pigs? Will you be able to trap 1,000 of them? How many times will lady luck visit you? These are just some of the daily quests and achievements that you can complete to earn rewards and other special items such as avatars, frames, and much more!
Daily Gold RefreshLog in each day to claim your free gold from The Hunter’s Guild! Completing daily quests will also award you with gold and pigskins. Contribute pigskins to The Guild to increase your Hunter Rank! As your Hunter Rank increases, the amount of gold that you can claim each day will also increase!
Unique Items & EmotesUnlock special items to better express yourself at the tables, because sometimes one tomato isn't enough to show them how you really feel. Items can be purchased in the game's shop or found by opening loot boxes.
Play Live With Real PlayersNo BOTS! All REAL live players! You’ll be able to play with and compete against the best players from around the world. Be nice and send them some flowers.. after you lock them that is!
Ranked PlayYour skills will be put to the test each hand that you play. Our rank system is a hybrid between the traditional Elo system and our own devisement. Consistent good play will be key to help you move your way up to the top. Finish in the top ranks at the end of each season and you’ll be rewarded with exclusive items.

Ranked Play

Do you have what it takes to become a GrandMaster?

This is the first ranked mode of its kind for the game of Thirteen/Tien Len. Our points system is a hybrid between the traditional Elo system and our own creation. Playing well consistently is the key to help you move your way to the top. Finish on top at the end of each season and you’ll be showered with amazing rewards!

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TournamentsOur tournament mode was designed with all types of gamers in mind. Typical card game tournaments require users to invest a lot of time, in one sitting - which is not what we want to do. With our tournament design, you can play whenever and wherever you want. Stay tuned for more information about our tournament system and when the first one will be hosted!


Who will be crowned champion?

Our weekly tournaments are a fun new way for Hunters to compete against each other for a chance to claim the highest glory and also the rewards that come with it. Final standings are determined by each player's total tournament points, which are a combination of: how well they played throughout the tournament, and their final chip count.

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The Hunter's GuildMany start the journey, but only a few ever get to call themselves a member of the Legendary Hunter's Guild. Earn pigskins by completing the daily quests. You can also earn pigskins each time you play by chopping and trapping pigs. There are a few ways you can use your pigskin in game and The Hunter’s Guild is one of them. Turn in the pigskins to increase your reputation and rank within The Hunter's Guild. As you increase your Hunter Rank you'll increase your daily gold refresh along with unlocking more daily quests and earning more rewards per each quest.

The Hunter's Guild

Your Pig Hunting journey starts here.

All Hunters aspire to be the best, but only a few will ever earn the title of “Legendary Hunter”. Start your journey as an Academy member and make your way through the ranks by contributing pigskins to the Guild.

Earn pigskins by completing daily quests and chopping/locking pigs at the tables. As you increase your Hunter Rank, you'll also increase your daily gold refresh along with unlocking more quests and better rewards.

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Chat Heo - The Hunter's Guild - Tho San Heo
Special EventsThere are special events that are hosted in between 'ranked play' seasons and tournaments. These events are designed by us to highlight certain aspects of the game. One of the reoccurring events is the: 'Pig Hunt.' Hunters earn points by chopping and locking pigs. Chopping earns more points than locking, and points are only earned in 'ranked play'.


There are plenty of events each month! Every international holiday comes with a week long in-game event.

Some signature events are ‘The Pig Hunt’, and ‘The Mightiest Hunter’ events. Events are a great way to earn more gold, gems, and loot box keys!

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